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 BETA FEATURES (Coming soon)

-2 extra levels after collecting all the powernodes including a closing cinematic

-More rooms unlocked (some still locked off for Co-op only)



-2 Player Co-op with double the amount of Powernodes required

-New areas unlocked for co-op only



WASD - Move

Mouse - Look

E - Pick up

F - Flash Light

Alt+Esc - Close out of game*

Please be aware this game is still in testing and I'm looking for as much feed back as possible. Once you've played the game

drop a comment below. If you record youself playing this and upload it to youtube please let me know through the feedback cause I'd love to watch it.

There are still bugs with the AI that still need to be fixed. The link will constantly be updated to fix these bugs.

*Once I make a pause menu this will be the only way to close out of the game. Esc does nothing atm.

DOWNLOAD *updated 3.5.2013*

SlenderSpace (Windows)  winrar required

SlenderSpace (Mac)  

Play in Browser (Mac users try this link)

If you have the time please leave feed back on facebook

Created By Ricky Murray (RickkMurray)